The Advantages Mental Focus In Your Day to Day Life

The Advantages Mental Focus In Your Day to Day Life

Mental focus is the one of the most important skills we all need when it comes to being successful. Mental focus is pivotal in helping you and I and the whole world and it’s brother  to move forward. It helps us to reach our goals, no matter what they are. We have all been there, when you just can’t seem to concentrate on a task you are trying to complete. Mental focus is something you can get better at the more you do it. Take it from me! When you have a lot going on in your life and you feel like you are juggling one million balls at the same  time, being able to focus on the task in front of you can be a great relief. Here are some huge benefits that have worked for me in improving my mental focus and I believe will help you significantly too. Here’s the thing, nurturing your mental focus can help make you be more successful in any area of your life, whether in business, parenting, relationships, career, well being etc.


I hope you are able to use these tried and tested benefits in your life..




Focus Keeps Distractions At Bay  

Distractions are all around us. When you sit down at your desk and end up checking email, browsing through Facebook, or getting lost on YouTube watching video after video. We get distracted by new projects, things that need taken care of around the house or the office, and of course by family members and coworkers. With all these distractions it’s a wonder we get anything done. There’s always something else that demands our attention, or a fun new project we’d rather be working on.  


This is where focus can make a huge difference and help you get things done. Focus is like a pair of blinders. It helps you concentrate on the task at hand until it is done.  


Focus Keeps You From Making Mistakes  

When you are not constantly distracted and you’re giving your full attention to whatever it is you are working on at the moment, you’re less likely to make mistakes. Mistakes happen when your attention is divided and you’re not fully engaged and immersed in the task you are working on.  


Being focused, on the other hand, helps you concentrate on your work. It allows you to make less mistakes to begin with and when you do make them you’re that much more likely to catch them and fix them. The end result is a better quality product, no matter what you’re working on.  


Focus Helps You Get More Done Faster  

Have you ever worked on a tight deadline? Let’s say you have to finish a report or write a blog post before you can head out to lunch to meet a friend. If you’re highly focused (thanks to that looming deadline), a task that would usually take you half a day is suddenly accomplished in 30 minutes. Best of all, the end result is often better than your usual work because you’re highly focused and are getting into the flow where everything just comes together almost effortlessly.

Our lives are busy. We’re juggling families, households, jobs, and various social obligations, while constantly being distracted by media in one form or another. When it comes to our personal lives, we have two options. We can let our surroundings take over and “go with the flow”, or we can work on mental focus for our personal lives and do the things we really want to do.  


Yes, it takes time and energy to come up with personal goals and then figure out how to go about reaching them.


The key is to pinpoint time wasters and focus on what’s important to you. It may help to keep a time journal for a week or two. Grab a notebook and start jotting down what you do throughout the day. Make sure you track everything you do during your free time from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. If you’re spending your morning drinking coffee and browsing the internet or watching a morning TV show, and that doesn’t bring you the joy and fulfillment you want in your life, think about how you can spend that time better. Maybe meditation or if you are a person of faith like me, you will also find meditating on the Bible and praying very helpful to strengthen your mental focus. Maybe spending that time working out would give you more time with your loved ones in the early evenings. Or maybe this might be a good time to get around to reading those books on your bucket reading list.  


Keep a journal for a few days or even weeks and review where you’re spending your time. The simple act of having to write it down makes you more aware of what you’re doing. This alone will help you focus on each task. Next, make a list of things you want to change in your personal life, or even just a list of things you want to do more of. Maybe you want to take an hour each evening to play with the kids. Maybe you want to spend more time each year traveling. It doesn’t matter what your goals are. The important part is that you set them and then work on a plan to make sure you can reach them. After that, it’s simply a matter of focusing on those tasks one at a time and managing your time wisely. You’ll be pleasantly surprised not only by how much more you can get done in a given day but also how much time is left to just relax and enjoy life.  


Whatever you do, take the process in your stride, it is all part of your Believe and Live Again recovery, bounce back and transition journey from being a “we” to becoming a “me”.

If you would like to have an informal chat about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch on: +44 208 938 3672 and myself or a member of my team will gladly schedule a Complimentary Believe and Live Again Discovery session or a 30 minute “Forgive and Let Go” consultation and together, we could be embarking upon the Believe and Live Again 5 R’s journey to heal your heart, outgrow your challenges and let go of the past so that your glorious future can finally emerge.

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In the meantime, Keep Smiling, Keep Strong and Keep Believing (that you can). 

Best Wishes and God’s Blessings smiley

Zina heart xxx

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0O4A8361Zina Arinze, the proud mother of two wonderful gifts – her daughters, is a bubbly woman of faith fondly known as the Divorce Reinvention Queen, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Radio Broadcaster, Talk Show host, Multi-award winning Business Start-up expert, serial Entrepreneur and founder of Believe and Live Again: a Post-Divorce Lifestyle Coaching, Abuse Recovery and Reinvention Mentoring service helping female professionals, business women, entrepreneurs and women of faith around the globe, swiftly recover from the grief, trauma and stigma of divorce, separation, domestic abuse or relationship breakdown by giving them clarity for their radiant future so that they are able to smoothly transition their mindsets from “we” to “me”, reconnect to their positive of self, regain their feminine power and walk in the healing restorative power of God. A lawyer by training and armed with an MBA and membership of several professional and entrepreneurial boards, Zina has over 15 years in IT Project Management Consultancy, Training and Capacity Building experience from the Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors. Zina is also very passionate about Gender Empowerment, building lasting relationships and encouraging the discovery, development, and deployment of hidden talents.

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