About Us

Zena_105low (1)Believe and Live Again is an elite Post Divorce Lifestyle Coaching Service for female professionals, business women and entrepreneurs who have suffered from divorce, separation or long term relationship breakdown. We are dedicated to helping you to regain your positive sense of self and feminine power to enable you to move onwards and upwards into the flourishing life you deserve.

Led by it’s founder, Zina Arinze, we are a group of post divorce experts and professionals offering coaching and mentoring services as well running and facilitating non judgmental and confidential group sessions, retreats, 1 to 1’s (either face to face or over the telephone) using personal experience, empowerment tools designed to help you overcome fear, encourage communication and to find the courage to make changes as well as tried and tested techniques to help you rebuild your confidence, self esteem and self belief.  

Using our signature 5 R’s – Release, Reflect, Renew, Reinvigorate and Reinvent™  we are “…committed to helping the successful woman, remove the veil, regain her unique sense of self to connect with her feminine power and re-discover the authentic essence of who she is.” – Zina Arinze.

Our joint experience and statistics has shown that after a traumatic divorce or relationship breakdown this demographic of strong and successful women typically hide behind the masculine mask of career or business success, are not allowed to be vulnerable and therefore their individual femininity,self esteem and confidence suffers terribly following a breakdown of a long term relationship. The end result is that you are either:

  • Stuck

  • Playing the “Blame Myself” game

  • Suffering from a damaged self esteem and battered confidence

  • Don’t know what you might do to move yourself forward

  • Need practical real life solutions and options of what else you need to do to

  • Need help to get to the underlying problems or issues preventing you from moving on and creating the positive changes required to regain your sense of self and feminine power.

Our big WHY? is therefore to help  as many women as possible across the globe to regain their unique sense of self and feminine power, re-ignite their self esteem, transform their mindset and boost their confidence to support them through the divorce recovery  and reinvention process and get their life back. We are  really looking forward to connecting with you, wherever you maybe across the globe and for this reason, we are available 24/7. Feel free to pick up the phone and call  +44 (0) 208 938 3672 or send a message for an initial complimentary – no obligation 30 minutes consultation call and together, we could be embarking upon the Believe and Live Again journey to heal your heart, outgrow your challenges and let go of the past so that your glorious future can finally begin.

In the meantime, Keep Strong, Keep Smiling and Keep Believing.  
♥♥The Believe and Live Again Team

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