Complimentary – Clarity, Focus and Purpose (After Divorce) Coaching Session

Hi Girlfriend,

I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. It’s British Summer time at last, in my neck of the woods, meaning the sun is finally out and it is getting hot in here, but it might be Winter, Spring or Fall for you, depending on the climate you find your self in both in terms of seasons and of course emotionally, and I so get that too.

All the same, this is me sending you joyful sunny greetings! all the way from London. The thing is, it may feel bleak for you right now or maybe you it doesn’t, the fact is I applaud you, I celebrate you and I lift my glass as a toast to you for visiting this page. Now that is a positive step because you could be doing 1001 other things, but you are here, right now at this point in time and now part of this wonderful and powerful community. It is for this reason, I want to touch base with you and see how you’re doing and also to let you know about my complimentary – Clarity, Focus and Purpose (After Divorce, Separation or Relationship Breakdown) coaching session.

You will benefit immensely from this if you are a female professional or business woman who is either divorced, separated or has experienced a traumatic long term relationship breakdown and find that you have had to wear a masqueline mask to hold your own in the work or market place.

From experience, I know that it is often difficult for friends, family members, or even professional colleagues to truly understand what you go through as divorced professional woman.
I am a Lawyer and also a Project Management Consultant and understand the pressures, inner conflicts and expectations enforced upon you by our professional persona to “suck it up”.
A recent Harvard Business Review stated that employee emotional challenges are costing American businesses $150 billion dollars in direct and indirect costs! And guess what? Divorce is at the top of the list.
There is no doubt that a divorce and relationship breakdown creates emotional turmoil, excessive stress and grief related issues both in our personal and professional lives.

Can there be life after Divorce?

Life after divorce is a topic I am passionate about especially as I too have rebuilt my life after a traumatic divorce. It takes clarity, focus and purpose to move on and become YOU again.

That’s why I have made available 10 complimentary spots to coach you to your own clarity, focus, purpose and self discovery.

The last time I opened up these spaces, they booked up in hours. That’s because I have a reputation for getting my hands dirty and working with you to get to the heart of the matter really quickly.

Have a look and see if any of the following sound like you?

  • You have a successful career and/or business but the trauma of your divorce is leaving feeling empty and doubting what you can give at work.
  • You feel lost, confused, unsure, disoriented, perplexed and downright bewildered and alone after the breakdown?
  • You Feel like you are drowning in your confusion
  • You feel as though gathering the courage to date someone new and to eventually find love again is impossible. What! after everything you’ve been through.
  • You feel like you need someone to not only help you navigate the nuts and bolts of defining your amazing new life after divorce, but to help you believe in your dream and yourself

I’m sure there are many more stories being told in your head as to the reason why you haven’t moved on. I am a failure, I am unlovable, its impossible etc. These stories are very common to all of us who have been through the trauma of a divorce or a terrible relationship breakdown. No matter how tough we may appear on the outside, we are human. It’s in our nature for the ego to convince us as to all the reasons for not moving forward.

That’s why I have decided to offer these sessions in order to serve and to help you get clear, focused and help you realign with your purpose .

10 FREE COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME (they will go fast!)
I am setting aside time on my calendar for you – 45 Minutes completely complimentary and totally focused on how to rapidly help you have a breakthrough in your life, start to reinvent yourself and begin to finally move past the grief of divorce, separation or indeed a relationship breakdown so you can live an authentic abundant life both professionally and personally making a lasting impact on an even bigger scale.
If you’re really ready to move forward, I want to help, by offering this complimentary 45-minute session with me – to those of you who also want to find out about my private, one-on-one coaching service, called “The Accelerated “We” to “Me” Positive Mindset Divorce Transformation Programme”

In just 45 minutes, I’d like to help you have a major breakthrough in something you really want to accomplish – or have really been stuck in.

The investment for VIP Private coaching calls with me are normally £400 per session, but it’s my gift to you for the next 48 HOURS ONLY until 12 midnight .

There is one small catch – Because of my busy schedule, I can only offer 10 sessions to the first 10 people.

These sessions will be handpicked and qualified based on your level of interest, commitment and the order it was received.

To my fellow beautiful and strong woman, And I can tell you this, the reason any of us gets stuck really comes down to one of two areas: It’s either an Inner belief that’s keeping you stuck, or something on the Outer – an action that needs to be taken or modified.
And often your vision, your desire – is pushing you way beyond your comfort zone to the point where you get stuck.
These coaching sessions are powerful. You’ll walk away with a much better understanding of your next steps in your life after divorce, clarity and a road map for creating your vision and purpose.

These calls are to serve you. In fact, often they reveal my Accelerated We” to “Me” Positive Mindset Divorce Transformation Programme may not be a match for you at this time. I will only steer you in a direction that best serves you!

I look forward to being of service to you.

Zina xxx