Ladies Believing and Living Again with Joy – Monthly Meetup Group

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Drinks and Choccs Soiree: Ladies Believing and Living With Joy After Divorce, Monthly MeetUp Group.

Welcome to our monthly Drinks and Choccs Soiree – MeetUp Group held at the Glenn Miller Bar, The Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch in Central London.

Why don’t you pay us a visit, I’m sure you’ll love us and decide to join up. It is completely free to join.

By being part of this awesome group, we are jointly emboldened by our joint resolve to get through “it”.

By “it” I mean the trauma of divorce or a relationship breakup to emerge victorious, resilient, defiant, more powerful and more focused than ever before, reinvented with boundless opportunities in store. Reconnect with the “ME” that is within YOU.

IMG-20150304-WA0002I get that you may be feeling a little aprehensive or even a little shy, I know how you feel and through our Meetup group, I am here to help, you have options so please don’t go it alone.  The transition from “We” to “Me” can be very scary and rocky but dont’ worry at our monthly meetups you will be in a safe, warm and confidential environment. I’ll be sharing helpful tools and techniques to help you navigate, what can be the most devastating life transitional experience as smoothly and as effectively as possible. Through this awesome group, you will have access to a plethora of information we often need at this confusing time; to help you make the right choices and take the right steps enabling you to begin healing and moving forward as painless and as swiftly as is possible. End result: turning the grief of the past into wisdom to create a new and vibrant life just bursting at the seams with boundless opportunities.

Come let’s rise, shine and share our uniqueness with each other, through joint support, strength, encouragement, stories, laughter, experience, choccies, a glass of wine or two and of course a box of tissues just in case it is needed. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meetup.

In the mean time, Keep Smiling, Keep Strong and Keep Believing heart


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