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Zena_105low (1) Zina Arinze, LLB, BL, MBA, MIOEE, ICA Certified Divorce Recovery Coach, fondly known as the  Divorce Reinvention Queen, is an engaging, humorous, delightful, and insightful speaker who is an  expert in how to reinvent yourself and thrive after life-shaking transitions such as divorce,  bereavement, redundancies, organisational restructures, or unexpected retirement. Her presentations are uplifting, thought-provoking, practical, and action-oriented.

 If you’re searching for a great storyteller that will engage your audience with high energy, serious  business and relationship expertise and a TON of great CONTENT to help female professionals,  business women and entrepreneurs to Believe and Live Again, Maintain their cutting edge, harness  their feminine power, reconnect with their positive sense of self,attract new opportunities and  prosper, look no further! Zina speaks from the heart predicated on the power of transforming your mindset from being a “we” to becoming a “me” in order to usher in a reinvented, better YOU

zina speakerZina is an expert group programme coach, training package designer and workshop facilitator who has spoken at hundreds of workshops and events over the past 8 years to audiences that range from 10 to 500. So whether you want a 45 – minute keynote presentation/address or a full day workshop, Zina will teach and share her personal growth strategies and relationship recovery expertise in a simple, experiential and entertaining way.

Her personal experiences in transforming her own life after a devastating divorce as well redundancy uniquely enable  Zina to inspire and motivate women who are navigating through life-after-divorce, life-after-corporate, or a major career shift.

 As a woman of faith, Zina is well known for being, fun, positive and resilient during challenging situations, believing God by seeing the silver lining in the clouds, living a life full out, while manifesting her dreams and deepest desires.

Zina SpeakingHer audience gets clarity, courage and confidence from her wisdom and her using her signature 5 R’s Process – RELEASE, REFLECT, RENEW, REINVIGORATE & REINVENT ™ – to help the successful woman regain her unique  sense of self; reconnect with her feminine power and the essence of who she is, enabling her to reach new heights be  it life, career, and/or relationships. Her audience also receive take away actions they can implement immediately to  accelerate their personal growth and move forward predicated upon the ethos of:

“Empowering professional women to rediscover themselves, be Reinvigorated, be Refreshed, be Reinvented and  feel Release”

 Zina is a well sought after certified Life, Career and Business Coach, a Divorce Reinvention Mentor, Speaker, and Author of “Reinvent YOU! How to Move From “We to Me” After Divorce” Release date – September  2016. She is also an ardent broadcaster and the host of the Believe and Live Again® Weekly Radio Shows on BlogTalk Radio and Kent Christian Radio Stations.

An excellent communicator and a true lover of people, her passion, integrity and understanding of the human psyche always shines through, causing her knowledge, experience and reinvention strategies to flow, inspire and motivate change effortlessly wherever she is.

Zina currently has some availability for the third quarter of 2017 and is taking bookings for 2018.

Here are some of her most Requested Speaking Engagements and Workshops:

  1. 8 Quick Fire Ways For Professional Women to Transform their Mindset from “We” to “Me” after Divorce or Relationship Breakdown (Keynote Presentation)
  2. How to Create A Personal Reinvention Roadmap: New Beginnings with Passion and Purpose

Sudden endings to long term relationships or careers can be life-shaking. You know you’re embarking on a new chapter of your life or career, but the future may look unclear and scary. What’s next for you? How can you create the life that YOU want?
During this workshop, Zina, walks you delicately through the process of rediscovering your hidden passions and purpose. At the end you will leave with:

  • A clear vision of what’s possible for you, for the next chapter of your life
  • Specific goals to get you there … without getting derailed
  • Top 3 tips on how to address obstacles that get in your way, especially self-sabotage.
  1. 3 Keys to Create New Relationships that Nurture Your Heart & Soul

After a big transition like divorce, separation, redundancy, retirement or bereavement or even relocation, you might feel empty and lonely, even if there are people all around you. You could cope by burying yourself in “busy work” … at the risk of having no personal life. Does that sound like you? Are you ready to get back in the game again?  You will learn:

  • The 3 steps you must take to attract the right relationships into your life … friendships or partners
  • Where to go to find your “peeps” … new relationships that will nurture your heart and soul
  • How to reclaim your natural charisma.
  1. Believe and Live Again – How to Melt the Obstacles and Turbo-charge Your Results!  – Self-Coaching Techniques for the Ambitious Businesswoman

Tired of being stopped by procrastination or self-limiting obstacles? As busy, ambitious businesswomen, we have our great days, and our not-so-productive days. You’ve set big goals for yourself this year. Discover how to coach yourself to manoeuvre around those mental barriers that get in your way. Get the energy, motivation, and confidence to achieve results faster!

You will take away:

  • A simple tool to determine when self-coaching can be effective
  • An understanding of 4 common mental blocks that hold us back from success
  • Insights into limiting beliefs about growing your business or advancing your career
  • Self-coaching techniques to help you overcome these limiting beliefs.
  1. Inner Courage: Taking the Big Leap of Faith to a Brighter Future with Boundless Opportunities
    How to Overcome Fear with Resilience and Create the Next Chapter of Your Life after a Big Transition

If you’ve faced a sudden ending to a long term relationship or career, you might feel like the world is coming to an end. But perhaps it’s an opportunity to create a new beginning for a brighter, more joyful future? A chance to “write your own chapter” for your next stage of life? Yes, it takes courage to leap into the unknown, but you CAN develop the inner courage to take the big leap and reinvent your life.

You will leave with:

  • The confidence and sense of empowerment of what you can create for YOUR future
  • A clear roadmap designed by you to guide you through the next chapter of your life
  • The key strategies to crush fears and develop the courage to take the big leap.

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