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Reinventing You: Taking Inventory and Creating New Habits

    Hi guys, I hope you have had a good week since we last touched base and even if you haven’t, please don’t despair, it is a new day and a new dawn full of new opportunities, brrrrreathe and let that sink in for a moment. Talking about being a new day and a […]

Tips To Increase Your Mental Focus In The Workplace

We all have 24 hours in the day, and sometimes that just isn’t enough. I completely understand that feeling, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I lay in bed at night just wishing for two more hours in a day to get all everything done I need to. To be completely […]

The Advantages Mental Focus In Your Day to Day Life

Mental focus is the one of the most important skills we all need when it comes to being successful. Mental focus is pivotal in helping you and I and the whole world and it’s brother  to move forward. It helps us to reach our goals, no matter what they are. We have all been there, […]

6 Tips To Help Your Children Through Your Divorce

  Going through a divorce can often be an emotional time for the two adults ending the relationship. Take it from me, I know! An emotional roller coaster is an understatement, I thought my heart was being ripped out when I rode on that traumatic ride called divorce many years ago.  And if like me […]

Top 10 Life Lessons To Teach Your Child

The best time to learn life lessons is in childhood, before poor habits are developed. There are many things that you may want your kid to know and learn. It still amazes me how little time we as parents have to impart valuable life lessons to prepare our kids for the real world. And oh my, do […]

Help! I am Divorcing My Best Friend – Tips to help you get through the pain

Today’s blog is really in response to an anguished letter I received recently via the  “Contacts” page on my site. There are really many facets of divorce. Not every marriage that ends in divorce is because there was adultery, abuse or unreasonable behaviour. So I am writing this for those of you who may feel confused and […]

5 Tips for Never Giving Up

  Obstacles are a fact of life. Things are always getting in your way, pushing you back and challenging you until you either give up or break through the barrier. Think of a tiny little seed, buried deep into the dirt. The seed has to fight its way towards the light, battling other plants for […]

How to Make the Most of the Summer Holidays as a Divorced Parent

Sun, sand, sea, lazy days, fun days, fresh air and freedom; summer and everything that comes with it is fantastic. We love summer! In the UK we never seem to get much of one and so we love to go all out and make the most of it while it lasts. But, as much as […]

14 Practical Ways to Enhance Yourself After Divorce

You probably worry about improving your finances and your landscaping, but do you ever give time and attention to improving yourself? Are you as knowledgeable, capable, and healthy as you can possibly be? Time spent on self-development is never wasted. Since time is limited, it’s essential that you spend that time wisely. Enhance yourself and […]

Re-Discover the World after Your Divorce

Last week I taught you how to celebrate Mother’s Day after your divorce. Today, I want to extend upon that lesson by showing you how to celebrate your life each and every day. Now is the time to realise that your happiness does not depend upon another person. It is possible to be happy in […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day as a Single Parent After Your Divorce

After discussing a very difficult topic last week I decided to focus on all things positive in today’s article as we approach Mother’s Day! Did you know that 90% of divorced mothers have custody of their children (even if they did not receive it in court)? Wow! That’s a lot of single mothers in the […]

How to Re-Cover from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is never okay! It’s a fact! No matter what happens and no matter how much you think you love someone, if they physically or mentally abuse you, don’t stand for it. Don’t take it. Get out and leave! “1 in 3 women worldwide suffer some sort of domestic violence, be that mental, physical […]

How and Why You Should Love yourself this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

This Valentine’s Day, in addition to a quick video I recorded especially for you, I want to teach all of us lovely ladies who have suffered bad relationships, break-ups or divorce to F.L.Y! “F.L.Y – First Love Yourself, Others Will Come Next” The truth to any lasting happiness is to love yourself, and what better […]

Don’t be Ashamed of Your Divorce

Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…” Some relationships work and some don’t. The reasons behind the breakups can be singular or multiple, they can be felt by one person or by both and whether you were the one to end the relationship or not there might […]

How to Handle Divorce After 60

Although divorce rates have been falling over recent years, the number of divorced couples over the age of 60 has seen a rapid increase since the 1990’s. One of the primary reasons for this is peer pressure. During the 50’s and 60’s many people were marrying young as the fashion was to get married and […]

How to Celebrate the Holidays (Without Your Children) After Divorce

When going through your divorce you might not give much thought to the holidays but, with the holiday season fast approaching, it can be a scary time for if it’s your ex-partner’s turn to have the children, especially if you’ve always spent the holidays together. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s not easy, […]

Coping With Divorce at Work

It may seem like the last thing that you’d want to do, but talking to your boss and your co-workers about your divorce can actually help you to get through it and at the very least it might make some things easier to manage. I’m not saying that you should publically announce your divorce to […]

Coping with Split Custody after Divorce

A divorce is hard on everyone, but none so much as your children. You might not see it but children will feel extremely anxious and hurt by a divorce. Many children go on to believe that the divorce was their fault or that they now need to choose which parent to live with. I know […]

Creating a Positive Home Environment after Your Divorce

A breakup, let alone a divorce can shock you to your core. Suddenly, everything that felt comfortable and certain is in tatters and your world is left feeling upside down and out of control. Now is a great time to reassess your life and take back control of who you are. The best place to […]

How To Recover from a Divorce or Relationship Breakup FAST! with 3 Little-Known (But Surprisingly Effective) Divorce Recovery Tips

It happened. Maybe it came out of the blue, and was totally unexpected. Or perhaps you saw this coming for a long time and dreaded this day. In any case, your relationship is officially over. You may have filed the papers, or he might have. No matter what the situation, one thing is certain… divorce can […]

Are you out of the dating game? 4 essential steps to have you confidently dating with poise, ease and in no time at all!

Dating after a divorce can seem daunting, maybe even unthinkable, especially if you were married for a long time, had a particularly hard divorce or if there are children involved. Maybe you can’t wait to jump back into the dating pool! Your experience hasn't dampened your belief in ture love. In fact, you may even […]

How to Best Deal with Negative Emotions After a Divorce or Relationship Breakup

As if dealing with the divorce process is not hard enough, there are negative emotions that you still have to cope with during and after a divorce. I've been there, done that. In fact, although now long ago, at the time, the emotional rollercoaster nearly drove me mad. There is just no easy way to describe it. […]

Feeling Depressed? Tips to Help You Cope with Divorce Effectively

It's quite normal for us to feel depressed after the end of a marriage. After all, we all need to grieve over what we have lost. Can you imagine saying goodbye to someone you promised to love until death separates you, but only to have that shattered earlier than you ever anticipated…your happily ever after […]

Parenting after Divorce: Tips on How to Raise Happy Kids on Your Own as a Single Parent

If you are anything like me, you probably detest the label "single parent" and the stereotypes it throw up.  However, following an ugly divorce, co-parenting could be the last thing on your mind. If it had been impossible to be civil with your spouse while you were still married,  as well as throughout the legal […]

Celebrating International Child-Centered Divorce Month and Why I Support Them

Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. As one of the passionate supporters of International Child-Centered Divorce Month, I have teamed up with the Alternative Divorce Guide's Suzy Miller and her team of experts on the www.AlternativeDivorceDirectory.co.uk to help as many parents and children as possible to navigate through what can often be an extremely confusing, painful […]

Is Divorce A Better Option Than Staying Unhappily Married?

                As a woman of faith, my starting point will always be that “God hates Divorce” and all the feelings of guilt, shame, self blame, regret, the sadness that go with it whenever I allow them to seep through. Thankfully, this happens very rarely now as the years […]

BELIEVE AND LIVE AGAIN – 15 Tips to Help Your Successful Transition Into A Single Parent

1. Tell your children the truth, with simple explanations. Tell them where the other parent is. 2. Try your utmost, and I know this may be difficult, to refrain from bringing up grievances or speaking derogatorily about the other parent to or in front of your children. 3. Don't discuss financial, legal or other disputes […]

Divorce Support Center Announces Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp for Men and Women

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2013 As a Divorce Mentor and CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, and expert contributor at the Divorce Support Center, Joanie Winberg hears many of the following questions from her clients after divorce: “Now what?” “Will I ever get my life back?” “Will I […]

The Perfect Divorce Toolkit

The Perfect Divorce Toolkit – now wouldn’t that be something, especially the chocolates – oh yummy 🙂 Today’s serving is taken from  the Huffington Post Divorce Blog written by Paula H. Noe and Betsy Ross, co-founders of DivorceAndRenewal.com  and also co-writers for the Huffington Post Divorce Blog. Enjoy! Emma marched into her office, sat herself down and said […]

Divorce Recovery and Your Hidden Strengths: Part 1

Today’s Blog has been contributed by my very good friend and colleague across the Atlantic, Dr Jerald Young.  He is an expert on Resistance to Change and Divorce Recovery. Sit back, Relax and be prepared to be encouraged and inspired to move forward into your Believe and Live Again Post Divorce Lifestyle with passion, purpose […]

Help! I am going through a divorce – Big Challenges: Will our children understand?

I am often asked this or a variable of  the question during my group coaching sessions. Another very common question is “How do I (We) explain our relationship breakdown to our kids? Especially as research has told us that children of divorce can end up being disillusioned, confused, feel as it it was all their fault, can […]


I’m sure most of you (over the age of 25!) know that the title of this post is from the 1970’s romantic drama “Love Story” starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw. I love this film; it’s so romantic and always brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. That quote has become […]

8 Quick-Fire Ways to Transform Your Mindset from “We” to “Me” after Divorce or Relationship Breakdown


  Women entrepreneurs are fantastic. We’re driven. Tenacious. Resilient. Inspiring. Creative. Innovative. I could go on and on and on.  And I’m not just saying all of these because I am one – millions of women across the world are shattering archaic gender stereotypes and paving the way for more women to stand up and […]

How I Manage Fulfilling My Role as a Co-Parent With an Ex I Barely Speak To

With my lovely Christmas 2012 experience with my kids now a distant memory, and the New Year well and truly in progress, I’ve come back to my reality as a single mother with a crash, bang and a wallop: Breaking News Guys – EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY!! We’re in a recession so serious, that supermarkets and […]

The Single Parent Game…there are no losers or winners

  Just so you know, playing the single parenting card against your ex will always result in a loser….your child. Now isn’t that a sobering thought. If you are a single parent like me, today’s blog entry may sting a bit or touch areas that are still unhealed wounds and unresolved. If it stings, just […]

Believe and Live Again – The Emotional Roller Coaster that is Divorce

Hi Guys, Just in case you may have forgotten, you are wonderful, irrepressible, indomitable and unforgettable Believe and Live Again Divas. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, I sure did. I have been reflecting over the past couple of days on how best to add value to all of you wonderful people out […]

Divorced!!! Welcome to Your Resurrected Life

Today all through Christendom, Good Friday was commemorated, marking the day Jesus died on the cross. But as we all know, Christians and Non Christians alike, three days later Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day – the resurrection – which is now known worldwide as Easter Sunday. Your marriage or long […]

May Your Past Lose YOU and Let YOU Go

May Your Past Lose You and Let You Go As successful and well accomplished female professionals, business women and female entrepreneurs in our chosen endeavours, we often come across as self assured, hard and uber confident. We are often seen as formidable opponents in and out of the board rooms, in business and as fierce […]

Somewhere Over That Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow- skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops that’s where you’ll find me Yes, you might be […]

How To Transition To A Single Parent in 10 days flat!
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The Definitive Guide to
Emotional Healing, Divorce Recovery
and Reinvention
If you’ve lost yourself in a relationship of ‘We’,
now is the time for you to become ‘Me’ again