Tips To Increase Your Mental Focus In The Workplace

Tips To Increase Your Mental Focus In The Workplace

We all have 24 hours in the day, and sometimes that just isn’t enough. I completely understand that feeling, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I lay in bed at night just wishing for two more hours in a day to get all everything done I need to. To be completely honest, sometimes I drop a few balls, sometimes I drop ALL of the balls and sometimes I give myself a hard time, sulk a little, then say  “Zina, pull yourself together, you are no superwoman….you are doing an amazing job, so cut yourself some slack… are human” . Permit me to say the same to you…..You are doing an amazing job so pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat.

I know first hand, that when you are going through something like a divorce, it may seem like you are having more bad days than good. When you have all of this going on, you may have trouble focusing at work and that is completely understandable!


Getting and staying focused when you know you should be working on a task isn’t always easy. With practice, it becomes easier to do, but whether you are going through a divorce or not, anyone can benefit from these simple tips, they helped me tremendously and I believe that they will help boost your focus and keep you sharp for longer stretches of time, like they did for me. Give them a try and see if you find them as helpful as I do.


So, what do you do when you do not want your personal life to affect your performance in the workplace? The answer isn’t the same for everyone, and there is not a one size fits all solution. Here are a few tips to help you focus at the task on hand when your brain wants you to be anywhere else.



Write A To-Do List

When you are having to juggle a lot of balls, it can be very helpful when you have clear goals written down. You know exactly what you need to focus on and when that’s done you don’t waste any time figuring out what comes next. You simply move on to the next item on your list.


Before you sit down, spend a few minutes figuring out exactly what it is you need to get accomplished. Even better, do it the afternoon or night before, so you are up and running first thing in the morning. Then before you call it a day, while everything about the project is still fresh on your mind, make out tomorrow’s list.


Set A Timer

Nothing helps you focus better than a tight deadline. You can use the Pomodoro technique to work under short deadlines using nothing more than a kitchen timer. You’ll be surprised how much it will help you focus and get more done in less time.


Grab a kitchen timer, if you live in the UK like I do, pay a visit to your local Wilko’s department store, there are so many interesting kitchen timers to choose from, colourful, fruit-shaped or just simple models….they will all do the job or you can go digital and use an app on your phone.


The trick is to decide what task you want to work on and set a timer for 25 minutes. Work consistently until that timer goes off. Take a 5-minute break and start another 25-minute work session. After three to four of these sessions take a longer break, take this time to move around some.


Listen To Music

If you find that your mind keeps wandering, or if you are working in a distracting or noisy environment, consider plugging in some headphones and listening to some music to help you focus. It can drown out the noise around you and help you keep your mind on the job you’re doing.


Classical or instrumental music helps a lot of people focus, but in the end it comes down to personal preference. Listen to the type of music that gets you going and helps you stay focused. Ssh! I will let you into a secret, I listen to gospel music , inspirational sermons and of course being a coach, I love transformational motivational speeches that get me to take positive action in an area of my life.


Cut Out Distractions

Shut the office door, take the phone off the hook, stick your cell phone in a drawer and don’t even think about opening your email program or anything else on your computer that could distract you….this includes social media. Be intentional in how you use your time, instead to promote your productivity, keep only the programs and files you need for the project you’re currently working on open and get to work.


Whatever you do, take the process in your stride, it is all part of your Believe and Live Again recovery, bounce back and transition journey from being a “we” to becoming a “me”.

If you would like to have an informal chat about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch on: +44 208 938 3672 and myself or a member of my team will gladly schedule a Complimentary Believe and Live Again Discovery session or a 30 minute “Forgive and Let Go” consultation and together, we could be embarking upon the Believe and Live Again 5 R’s journey to heal your heart, outgrow your challenges and let go of the past so that your glorious future can finally emerge.

Once again, I invite you to contact me or schedule a time to talk, call: +44 (0) 208 938 3672 (24 hours) or click on the pink “Contact” at the bottom right-hand side of this page and this will take you into my “Let’s Talk” contact form. Kindly complete the form and you will get a callback.

In the meantime, Keep Smiling, Keep Strong and Keep Believing (that you can). 

Best Wishes and God’s Blessings smiley

Zina heart xxx

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0O4A8361Zina Arinze, the proud mother of two wonderful gifts – her daughters, is a bubbly woman of faith fondly known as the Divorce Reinvention Queen, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Radio Broadcaster, Talk Show host, Multi-award winning Business Start-up expert, Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Believe and Live Again: a Post-Divorce Lifestyle Coaching, Abuse Recovery and Reinvention Mentoring service helping female professionals, businesswomen, entrepreneurs and women of faith around the globe, swiftly recover from the grief, trauma and stigma of divorce, separation, domestic abuse or relationship breakdown by giving them clarity for their radiant future so that they are able to smoothly transition their mindsets from “we” to “me”, reconnect to their positive of self, regain their feminine power and walk in the healing restorative power of God. A lawyer by training and armed with an MBA and membership of several professional and entrepreneurial boards, Zina has over 15 years in IT Project Management Consultancy, Training and Capacity Building experience from the Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors. Zina is also very passionate about Gender Empowerment, building lasting relationships and encouraging the discovery, development, and deployment of hidden talents.

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